Marketing Communication Workshop

Co-chaired Workshop

This workshop takes place within the Marketing and Communication seminar (Master Level) during 4 weeks.

Organization :
> The workshop is held in french and in english.
> Participants must read the syllabus and implement marketing techniques in use cases.

The key point is demonstrating the benefits of a service or a product i.e. convey benefits to potential customers in a marketing presentation with a focus on new media.

> Presentations :

  • Argumentation and Liability (L.C.)
  • Performative Text (C.P.)


First papers :
> B. T. Shapiro, Positive Spillovers and Free Riding in Advertising of Prescription Pharmaceuticals : The Case of Antidepressants (2013) @ MIT

> A. Hagiu, J. Wright, Do you really want to be an ebay ?, 2013 @ Harvard Business Review

> S. Goel, D. J. Watts, D. G. Goldstein, The structure of online diffusion networks, 2012 @ Microsoft Research

> A. Rao, Online content pricing : purchase and rental markets, 2013 @ University of Chicago v6 '2011 | Mentions légales